• Tuesday
    5th July


    Welcome & overview of the day


    Guest Speaker
    Kamina Vincent


    What you need is a great idea…

    Kick off CGBC by coming up with your own awesome new game design! In this activity you will work in small teams to come up with a new idea for an augmented reality or virtual reality game experience. The environment, the characters, the game levels… it is all up to your imagination!


    Lunch break


    Living in a 3D World…

    In order to get complete immersion in a virtual world, more than likely we need to be surrounded by 3D objects. In this workshop you will become familiar with the industry standard Maya 3D package and start creating your own 3D assets!


    Evening program

    Game Tournament Qualification Stage (3-5pm)
    Freeplay (5-6pm)

  • Wednesday
    6th July


    Welcome & overview of the day


    Guest Speaker
    Chad Chatterton


    Interacting With Our World…

    What is being in a virtual world without being able to interact with it? In this activity you will be introduced to Unity, an industry standard game development platform. Unity is easy (and free!) to use so we will teach you the basics to get you creating your own interactive environments.


    Lunch break


    Meeting Strange Beings…

    Sure we could interact with regular human beings in our games. But wouldn’t we want to meet all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures? Be introduced to Autodesk Character Generator and see how we can easily create our own unique characters ready for putting into our worlds.


    Evening program

    Game Tournament Finals (3-5pm)
    Freeplay (5-6pm)

  • Thursday
    7th July


    Welcome & overview of the day


    Programming Competition

    In this session you will put your programming and problem solving abilities to the test!

    Two concurrent sessions will run… one for programmers, and one for non-programmers. Programmers will compete in a series of challenges to see who is the best problem solver. Non-programmers will match wits with Code Combat to see who can get through the most levels. Get ready to accept the challenge!


    Lunch break


    Guest Speaker
    Leena van Deventer


    Announcement of the winners, prizes and certificates


    Evening program

    Movie screening



Stay up to date with CGBC

Game Development Alumni launch on Steam / Jason Free

Alumnus Jason Free has recently seen a game he designed launched on Steam, the world’s largest distributor for PC games. The game, titled Bipolar Game, is available for gamers in 237 countries to download directly to their computers, and has received positive reviews.Under the guidance of staff from the Faculty of Information Technology, including Derrick Martin and Dr Matthew Butler, the Game Design Studio subject focused the programming and design skills the students had learnt in their first two years of study towards the fundamentals of game design and development.

Jason found the development process a fantastic experience. “We well and truly went beyond it being just an assignment. This was ours. Our creation.” Brainstorming with the team was a continuous process that took them from paper prototypes and mock ups to working levels within first semester.

(Read more…)

Video Game Artist Chad Chatterton to speak at Computer Games Boot Camp

In the ultra-competitive world of video game development, Chad Chatterton has made it to the big time. An Australian visual artist with a passion for gaming, Chad now works for the multinational game production company Ubisoft where he’s the Lead Environment Artist for The Division, a game based on Tom Clancy’s novel of the same name.

Chatterton, who is based in Sweden, will share some of his valuable knowledge and experience with the attendees at this year’s Computer Games Boot Camp (CGBC), which is run by the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University for students in years nine to twelve.

(Read more…)

Faculty of IT turns 25

In a gathering of esteemed industry and community partners, alumni and staff, over 300 guests celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) at Melbourne’s Docklands last September.

There is a unique importance behind the Faculty of IT – it being the first stand-alone Faculty of Information Technology in Australia, and the only faculty of its kind left in the country – a testament not just to its history, but to its ongoing strength.

“Over the years, the Faculty has developed greater depth and breadth of expertise, expanding its reach with innovative and entrepreneurial investments,” Professor Seible, Former Dean of IT said.

“We believe it’s necessary to take risks and approach things differently as well as projecting an image that is both educational and fun.”

In a room decorated by botanical elegance and lighting effects which purposely lit these fragments of nature, the gifts dotted the table settings where they too were lit up by their sensor, indicating green flashes for thirsty, blue flashes for too cold and red flashes for too hot. A content plant would rest with a purple light, the Faculty’s colour.

The message was clear, with cultivation and growth, the Faculty looks forward to another prosperous 25 years of industry, community and alumni partnerships.

Burgers delivered by drone on Open Day

This is how we delivered burgers to students at our 2015 Open Day… By drone! With the help of XM2 and Mr Burger, we delivered over fifty burgers to students who registered and won a delivery.

We also worked with our sensiLab team on a collaboration with MADA to produce the Future Burger Lab, a complete immersive and sensory experience of IT.

Discover our Future Burger website and embark on new and exciting adventures with IT.

That’s a wrap!

The Monash IT 2015 Computer Games Bootcamp was a huge success.

Academy award winning, visual effects developer Ben Britten was among four speakers who unveiled the mysteries of game design and dispelled the stereotype that all game lovers are nerds, at the annual Monash Faculty of IT Computer Games Bootcamp.

The spotlight was on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) underpinning future workforce growth in Australia.

The three-day event pulled back the curtains on videogame culture and design for 300 Year 9-12 game enthusiasts. Now in its seventh year, the event featured a giant, interactive dome that translates data into music, the first time the dome has been displayed outside the recent Microsoft TechEd conference in Sydney. The installation uses a 360-degree camera and a cutting-edge surround sound system, with an inflatable dome that projects real-time 3D visuals. Audience members were able to change the music it produced by waving their arms and by moving around the dome.

ABC Good Games presenter, Hex, greeted participants in a video presentation, calling for more women to join the ranks in the game development industry.

Interactive game worlds, 3D character development and mobile app development were among the subjects covered in a workshop series that focussed on building a greater appetite for IT.

Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, FIFA and Halo were among the games featured in tournaments that saw gamers compete with each other until a winner was declared.

Britten, who won a 2011 Academy Award for scientific and engineering excellence, and another for technical achievement in 2006, along with several Emmy Awards, cautioned there would be no jobs that did not involve a computer in 10 years.

“Getting students involved in technical skills now is crucial to not only their future success, but their very survival,” Britten said, who now works for mobile games group Mighty Games.

Other speakers included Director of Interactive Installation and Game Developer for Mighty Games, Matt Ditton, videogames writer Brendan Keogh, and RMIT animation PhD student Kate Inabinet.

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frequently asked questions

Important information for attendees

Registrations open from 8:45am - 9:20am and are located outside 23 College Walk (Building 60), Room G33.

Please print and fill out the standard release form and bring it on the first day of the event. The standard release form will be a prerequisite for gaining entry to the event. You must bring this with you.

There is nothing else specific you will need to bring as each day morning tea (fruit) and lunch will be provided and there are water fountains available. If rain is forecast, it may be best to bring a jacket and umbrella.

This is a casual event, just come in comfortable but warm clothing. If you bring any additional items such as a jacket or umbrella please note that there is no coat check, so be sure to be responsible with your personal belongings.


What are the dates for GCBC 2016?

Tuesday 5th July to Thursday 7th July 2016.

Is there any cost associated with the event?

This is a free event for high school students in year 9 to year 12.

Are students obligated to attend every day?

To receive a participation certificate and be eligible to win prizes, full attendance of the event will be required.

Where to park / pick up and drop off

In the Clayton campus map, each blue P represents vehicle parking locations. Pick up / drop off area is best via Scenic Boulevard. Attendee’s to make their way to the Registration via College Walk. Volunteers will be located at the pick-up area in high visibility vests to direct and assist.

You can also reach the Clayton campus using public transport.

Is food supplied?

Yes, lunch will be provided each day. Ensure you bring a water bottle, and there are water fountains available on campus to refill.

There will also be the opportunity for students to purchase food on campus and it may be a good idea to bring some spare change and/or snacks, however only during designated breaks will students be allowed to visit campus food outlets. Please note that dietary requirements cannot be catered for.

Can I eat in the venue?

Eating should generally take place outside. There will be set times where students will have an opportunity during a lunch break to eat outside and explore the campus. Water is permitted in the venue.

Photography and filming

Students can take photos and record videos at the event. We ask all students to be respectful and ask permission before filming or photographing other students.

Some presentations may have filming restrictions, where presenters will notify the audience in advance.

I want to volunteer at CGBC

For all of our events the student support is an essential part of the event success. Register at this website if you would like to volunteer for CGBC.

I want to present or showcase at CGBC

Please contact us for further information.

Will CGBC 2016 offer work experience?

No, this year’s CGBC will not have a work experience element.

Will there be an IT Challenge competition in 2016?

An IT competition will be held directly at CGBC this year on the last day of the event.

R Rating

As the Computer Games Boot Camp is directed at students from year 9 to year 12, the event will not include any material that has been classified with an R rating.

Is CGBC just about playing games?

No. This event will include presentations, discussions, group activities, demonstrations, workshops and of course playing games.

How do I register?

Please register online on this website if you wish to attend the event.

I attended CGBC and was wondering if you do school visits?

Yes we do. Please contact Alana Harries, Recruitment Manager for Engineering and IT.

I am seeking further information on your courses, Industry Based Learning (IBL) and other events?

Please visit the Faculty of Information Technology home page for further information or contact Alana Harries, Recruitment Manager for Engineering and IT.

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The Computer Games Boot Camp (CGBC) is a hands-on, interactive event for students between year 9 and year 12 offering presentations, workshops, course information and insights into IT career paths.

If you are fascinated with how games are designed and built, or have an interest in other areas of multimedia and ICT; this event is ideal for you!

CGBC covers numerous areas of information technology, including but not limited to:

  • Multimedia development
  • Digital imaging
  • Programming
  • Database
  • Games development
  • Applications development
  • 3D

…and many other diverse ICT fields

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